My Son Is Heading To Missouri State University

I have lived in St. Louis all of my life and I always wanted my children to feel free to move away when they get older. I know there are plenty of places out there to see, and I never wanted them to feel limited. My son is the first one in the family to go to college and I am incredibly proud of him. While I thought he would opt for one of the schools that are located in a large city like Los Angeles, he has decided to get his schooling at Missouri State University.

While there is nothing wrong with this school, I figured he would want to get farther away from St. Louis than Springfield. The idea of him being in the same state is a bit cool for me as a mom, but I really do believe that he may be limiting himself. I am not going to say anything and I will allow him to make the choice that is best for him. I hope that he does not have any regrets later about not going to a school that is located someplace that is totally new and different.