I Want To Go To Andy’s Frozen Custard

I have considered myself to be a passionate foodie for the past few years. This is why I try to find a great food destination to visit whenever I travel. Even if I am in a small town in the middle of nowhere, I make it a point to try something that the area is known for. My sister moved to Springfield, Missouri a couple of years ago and I have always been meaning to go down there and visit her. Now that I have made a plan, I am going to make sure that I have the best time possible while I am there.

She told me about a place called Andy’s Frozen Custard several times when we had conversations and I am dying to try it. Not only do I want to try it because I have a huge sweet tooth, but I saw the place featured on one of the shows I watch on the Food Network. I know that there are probably several other places that I should visit while I am there, but this one is certainly on the top of the list. I really cannot wait to try it.